Lord Neverember

Gaylord Neverember is the Lord of Winterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He has moved to rebuild Neverwinter in an attempt to control a large portion of the Sword Coast. He has a weak claim to the throne of Neverwinter, so he is consistently anxious about the potential for a new heir to proclaim themselves.

Physically, he has jet black hair, brown eyes and a lean build. He was once a warrior, but he hasn’t put his skills to use in several years – and it shows. He is in his late 40s and appears to be fairly carefree – until you notice his crows feet and the wrinkles of an often furrowed brow.

He relies heavily on his trusted adviser and general, Sabine.

He controls the largest military force in the region, though the majority are needed to maintain rule in Winterdeep. He has a guard of 4,000 men stationed around Neverwinter.

He tries to be just and fair when dealing with the citizens, but his focus is on rebuilding the city and maintaining power.

He will occasionally take nobles from minor houses under his wing, to ensure their loyalty and to make minor adjustments to the balance of power in the city. Currently, his favored noble Edgar Hornblower is missing.

Lord Neverember

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