Edgar Hornblower

Edgar of the Hornblower house owes everything to the grace of Lord Neverember. His family owns the lands surrounding the town of Ashar, at the base of Mount Kreen. The area had no special strategic or geologic significance. Until a rock slide caused by tremors and aftershocks left by the cataclysm.

Now the Hornblower holdings are in ruin. Edgar left for Neverwinter in hopes of drumming up support for his reclamation efforts. He traveled with a small personal guard (five soldiers) which proved entirely inadequate once he entered his family’s estate in Neverwinter. He turned to the Thuls and Quates for protection, but found he was not able to afford a dedicated watch.

He quickly befriended Lord Neverember who was sympathetic to the similar nature of each of their struggles. Neverember explained that all of his resources were going to rebuild Neverwinter, but he would be willing to assist in any other way. Edgar stuck close to the Lord Protector, hoping opportunities would present themselves.

Edgar hasn’t been seen in a few days. His guards stood outside his door while he slept, and heard no disturbance. The following morning, Edgar simply was not there. This has happened with several nobles over the last few weeks, and Sabine has been tasked with locating him.

It has been revealed that Edgar is now a vampire, and may have left Blacklake willingly.

Edgar Hornblower

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