The Last Drop

Up or Out

When the group awoke from their rest they took inventory of the room. Lo-Kag found a scrap of his brother’s cloak in the stairwell leading up. The party followed the stairs to find themselves in a hallway. To their right was a horde of Dead Rats and Orcs chatting, eating, and conducting their affairs. To the left they saw a stable.

The monk Byron Brushgather slunk behind the stable-hand and delivered a swift blow to the back of his head, rendering him unconscious. They began to look around. In the saddle bags they found several letters that made reference to the Crown Tower, a few miles to the south east.

A quick assessment of the tower was all the party needed to decide to move the investigation to Crown tower.

A Dead Rat patrol and his pack of hell hounds found the party. Lo-Kag lured the patrolman in close by offering to show a letter proving they were on official business. He then proceeded to stab the guard.

The fight lasted seconds. The dogs exploded under pressure of Izahn the Earthwalker’s magic, and the guard dead from lacerations and fractures. Another body was left in the streets for the craven beasts to pick over.

Once the group made it to the Crown tower they found an unorganized array of camps. Each camp had junkies of various species surrounding it. The density of orcs on the ground level was higher than it was at the Scepter tower.

The party approached the door, guarded by a pair of brutish looking crcs. The party attempted to buy some D, but when discussing the quantities needed the orc grew suspicious. He marked a dead drop location on the map. When they demanded to speak to a supervisor, they were taken to a peephole in the door. The higher-up would not suffer them inside.

The party abruptly dropped this line of egress, and the orcs figured the group were junkies or thieves and promptly tightened their security.

The party found a tree growing along the side of the tower. Lo-Kag climbed the tree to the third floor while Byron made his way up to a ledge on the second floor.

On the third floor Lo-Kag saw a ritual being performed for some sort of blood cult. He didn’t understand the language, but saw a large group of the paritioners cutting themselves and draining the blood into challaces, which were passed around.

On the second floor Byron found a group of five goblins praying to Thalos. He stalked inside and motioned for the rest of the party to follow them. Once everyone was in, they interrupted the service with hostility. After killing the congregation, the shaman yielded to the party. He told them that the Dead Rats had been subverted by a vampire named Edgar Hornblower. The party recognized the name as the noble and close friend of Lord Neverember. The shaman plead for his life, offering the location of one of Edgar’s hidden caches. He warned the party that groups of people usually come out swearing loyalty to the vampire, while single people stood a 50/50 chance.

Once the party found the cache, they found it to be a narrow hall lined with mirrors at odd angles. The mirrors were polished mythril, set into the masonry of the building. Each mirror had a black, radiant gem floating in the reflection that had no equal in reality. Byron attempted to walk through the right side of the hall, but after he passed a few mirrors his reflection stepped into reality.

During the ensueing battle, Byron was caught by another mirror. A second doppelganger appeared. With a moment’s hesitation Izahn the Earthwalker conjured a mage hand to hover over the real Byron. The party threw spells and missiles into the room at the faux Byrons, while Lo-Kag stood back and watched.

After a few minutes the mirror images were killed. The bodies evaporated, leaving a large, clear gem behind. The gem floating in the mirrors that spawned the monsters were gone. The party stopped and took inventory.



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