The Last Drop

Junkie SMASH!

After a night of experimentation the reflection Izahn the Earthwalker realized the mirror trap activates when a person’s image is present in three mirrors. Byron Brushgather returned to the mirror maze and carefully traced a path through to the chest, which he was able to carry back to the party. Sythyith Firthuin was able to pick the lock and open it without much effort.

Inside the party found a piece of cloth. It looked different to each person. With little discussion Sythyith decided to keep it for himself – it then appeared to be a velvet cloak for everyone. It did not seem to have any immediate effect.

The group went up stairs. They caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure striding up a spiral stair case on the far end of the room. The party heard some rumbling as a hulking junkie roared down the stairs.

Lo-Kag Wolfbrother charged the goliath and was swatted away with two swift slaps. Izahn quickly froze the giant in place, and sustained the effect for several minutes. The party used this to get distance and assault the monstrosity with every ranged attack at their disposal.

But not Lo-Kag. He was drawn down the hallway by a fountain of pure D. He rushed it as quickly as he was able and dunked his head in. He emerged invigorated and enraged. He rushed back to the other junkie and began trading blows with it with nearly matched strength.

Byron used the opportunity to investigate the D fountain, and he discovered a smaller fountain of clear liquid near it. Being a simple man, he was not able to divine the smaller fountain’s function. He decided to drink the D. Using the discipline instilled through years of monastery life, he was able to retain his sanity and mental focus. He sensed a great hatred for the smaller fountain that was not in him before. He reasoned this feeling was the drug speaking, so he decided to drink from it. His invigoration wore off, but he felt no immediate compulsion to drink more D. He filled his wine-skin with the antidote and began running toward the behemoth screaming, “I have the cure!”

While Byron was figuring this out, the giant picked Lo-Kag up, bit his shoulder, and flung him into Sythyith, knocking them both across the room. Sythyith began to glow in a faint, almost undetectable blue aura.

Izahn ran after Byron, ripping the wine-skin from his hand while chanting an incantation to summon a mage’s hand. The hand carried the wine-skin above the junkie and poured the water over him. The man shrunk almost instantly. He wound up on the floor, whimpering.

Lo-Kag, bolted for the D now that the threat to it was dispatched. The rest of the party tried to stop him. Izahn was able to strike him down with a thunderous clap. The Byron quickly poured some of the antidote over Lo-Kag, calming his mind.

Once both Lo-Kag and the former addict regained consciousness the group began to question Dan, the recovering D addict. They learned that Edgar Hornblower is the vampire leading the Dead Rats and a new army of the hulking D users. Edgar has been subverting people through his drug, manufactured by the ‘blood cult’ in the nearby room. He uses the goblin’s blood as a primary element of the drug, then works his dark magic over it before transferring it to the kegs the fountain draws from. Edgar uses the antidote to refresh the members of his army that are more than heavy hitters. Once cleared of the effects of the drug, these people are transferred to the dungeons where they are force fed more D, so that they remain dependent on him.

The party followed Dan’s terrified gaze up the stairs. Lo-Kag asked Dan if there was some place he could go. Dan explained he was a member of Neverember’s guard brought up from Waterdeep, and that he’d attempt to reclaim his post. If they would not have him back, he’d travel home as soon as able and live with his sister Daria while he puts his life back in order.

Knowing Edgar is a major threat to Neverwinter, the party must face a vampire – a being who is practically a god.



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