The Last Drop

A Mistake, An Opportunity, and a Lie

The party set off to the line that separates the Blacklake district from the River district. While walking down Kings Street, a fire broke out at the Philippe Inn, just ahead of the group. A swarm of people rushed out of the tavern, pushing and shoving their way through the streets. Sometime during the bustle, the ropes binding Charles Fynn to Lo-Kag snapped.

After the initial crowd fled, a group of long-time addicts stood back. They sensed some amount of D secreted away in Charles’ pockets, and they wanted it. The party decided to protect their prisoner, who sat slumped against a wall.

A kobold appeared from down the street, noticing the commotion. A quick offer to assist the party was accepted without hesitation. Within moments the party dispatched the junkies, but Charles was no longer moving.

A close examination revealed thousands of tiny cuts all over his body, as if Charles had been dragged through razor wire. Lo-Kag eyed the kobold suspiciously while nearby residents carried water to the inn to extinguish the flames.

“I’m Sythyith Firthuin, I saw the fire and thought I’d come to help!” Lo-Kag’s eyes narrowed, but he said nothing.

After a few minutes, Lo-Kag broke the silence, “What caused this fire?” The party launched their arson investigation. The fire was worse in the kitchen, and the char marks seemed heaviest near the stove. While their findings were inconclusive, it seemed as though a grease fire had caught and spread to the wood lattice work that covered the walls. Sythyith volunteered to climb the charred, crumbling stairwell to look for supplies. Everything upstairs was burned beyond recognition. There were no bodies anywhere, as the fire seemed to spread slow enough for most of the patrons to flee.

After the investigation concluded, Sythyith inquired to the party’s next move. Since their ultimate destination was on the far side of a line of guards that they didn’t have permission to pass through, they weren’t sure how to proceed. Sythyith offered to take the party through the sewers to the River district… for a share of the reward. The party agreed, under the assumption that the kobold would see the quest through to its end.

Izahn suspected the party was, in fact, lost in the sewers, but eventually Sythyith led the party to the basement of the Scepter Tower. Upon entering, the party found a suspiciously empty room, with a silver dagger laying atop an alter. Byron and Lo-Kag bee-lined to the knife – but after a few steps the floor tipped over completely and Byron began to fall into a pit. Using his honed reflexes, he righted himself as he fell, then rolled as he landed. As he looked around, he found an identical room to the one he fell from, only it lacked a dagger.

Lo-Kag lowered a rope for Byron to climb up, and then the party began to proceed carefully around the room, stomping hard on each tile to reveal further traps. After running along the wall in a feat of acrobatic grace, Byron was able to retrieve the silvered dagger. Upon close examination he discovered it was covered in engraved tenticals. The dagger seemed to be ritualistic, not functional.

The group pressed forward. After opening the door to the next room the group was ambushed by a pack of were-rats. With a little bit of streetwise, the enemy group was flagged as a detachment from the Dead Rats. They were not interested in negotiations – and they did not notice the silvered dagger around Byron’s belt. The battle was a close thing, but eventually the rats were exterminated. Byron drew his new dagger and slit their throats, preventing regeneration.

The party now faces a choice. Do they investigate the Dead Rats’ presence in the tower, or do they search for Charles’ dead drop outside?



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